The Mississippi Blues Trail

The Mississippi Blues Trail, is an unforgettable journey into the land that spawned the single most important root source of modern popular music. Whether you're a die-hard blues fan or a casual traveler in search of an interesting trip, you'll find facts you didn't know, places you've never seen, and you'll gain a new appreciation for the area that gave birth to the blues.

Clarksdale and Coahoma County have fifteen markers on the Mississippi Blues Trail with many more in neighboring Delta counties.  For information on the entire Ms Blues Trail and specific marker locations visit

Mississippi Freedom Trail

The Mississippi Freedom Trail was created in 2011 to recognize people and places in Mississippi that had a significant role in the Civil Rights Movement.

Aaron Henry, (1922-1977), Clarksdale pharmacist, was a major early grassroots activist in the civil rights movement. As local NAACP president, he led the early 1960s Clarksdale boycott campaign, during which he was arrested and his home and pharmacy were firebombed. At the 1964 National Democratic Convention, he headed the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party delegation, challenging the seating of the all-white delegation. Later, as a Mississippi legislator, he worked to build a strong, interracial state Democratic Party.

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Mississippi Mound Trail

Dunn Mound. The Mississippi Mound Trail project is a self-guided driving tour located along or near Highway 61 in the Mississippi Delta.  The trail route parallels the Mississippi River.  The purpose is to raise awareness and enhance protection of the vast array of pre-contact (prehistoric) Indian mounds and earthworks in Mississippi.  The Mississippi Mound Trail has 33 historical markers and opened in 2016.  Dunn Mounds is located in Lyon (near Clarksdale) on Highway 6 near Crum Road.

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Mississippi Country Music Trail

Conway Twitty Frairspoint.Born in Friar’s Point as Harold Lloyd Jenkins, son of a ferryboat captain, Conway Twitty (1933-1993) first achieved stardom as a bluesy rockabilly singer. Beginning in the 1970s, he became one of country’s bestselling balladeers ever, with fifty-five No.1 singles, many self-penned and five of them duets with musical partner Loretta Lynn. He brought a new level of sensuality, drama, and emotional directness to country, live and on record, developing a huge following so fervent that he was dubbed “The High Priest of Country Music.”

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