Clarksdale White House

The prominent century-old Clarksdale White House is located in residential Clarksdale, just three blocks from downtown, and owned by hosts and founders of The Delta Bohemian® Magical Madge and Chilly Billy Howell.

The downstairs of the Clarksdale bed and breakfast is a common area, including the foyer, front room, living room, dining room and kitchen. Each area is appointed with all sorts of eclectic period and Clarksdale related furnishings. Each step of the staircase leading up to the guests bedrooms is decorated with family photographs. While no blues acts play at the Clarksdale guest house, guests can tickle the keys of a fantastic sounding baby grand piano in the living room or play Madge’s Epiphone guitar.

Guests can choose between The Honey Room, The Treetop Room, The East Suite Rooms, and Pap Pap’s Clock Room.

If your travels ever take you to Clarksdale, you really should consider staying at the authentic Clarksdale White House and experience true Southern hospitality at its best in a unique and real Clarksdale Mississippi Inn.

3 blocks from Downtown Clarksdale

The Clarksdale White House is located at 325 West 2nd Street, an iconic thoroughfare connecting Downtown Clarksdale, the heart of the Mississippi Delta and the home of the blues, to the historical residential neighborhood on the West side of the Sunflower River.