The Ranchero

BBQ, Steaks and Seafood since 1959!

Phone: (662) 902 - 6514

Nelms Mitchell started the Ranchero Restaurant in 1959 in a one room concrete building that catered almost exclusively to a teenage crowd. By 1976, almost 20 years later, it had become the place where the same teenagers brought their families. The Ranch (to which the Ranchero is often referred) just seemed to grow up with those first teenagers. Through the years, The Ranchero has not only earned the reputation for outstanding food and a great place to bring the family, it has also become a picture gallery of sports memorabilia. The Nelms Mitchell family takes great pride in those items brought in by local customers. You are invited to stroll through the restaurant and enjoy the treasures and priceless memorabilia of the Ranch's customers and loyal patrons.